You cannot
not communicate
Bureau Margés beliefs that the world will be a better and nicer place if we would invest in more clarity, beauty and connections. Bureau Margés aims to create value by working with others to contribute to this purpose

Welcome at Bureau Margés!

Bureau Margés:

  • delivers robust stategies, creative concepts and tightly managed productions.
  • aims to strengthen organisations, people and ideas by helping them to better express themselves – through their words, images and acts.
  • specialises in questions around identity, business development and communications that require a combination of seniority and creativity to answer them.

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Bureau Margés has been founded early 2011 by Sacha Margés.

After her education in Design&Communications (Rotterdam) and Political Science (Amsterdam) Sacha deliberately chose for communications and management functions within organisations that were driven by clear and inspiring missions.

She combines a strategic and executive perspective with creativity and a practical approach. And she likes to see Communications as the unifying factor to realise key business and organisational goals (rather than as a goal in itself or the exclusive responsibility of one single department).